Central Hostel near the Ramblas


The hostel was inaugurated more than 50 years ago, but the current manager purchased it in 1985. During this time they gave it a cleaner and more careful aspect. They afterwards kept renovating and extending it in order to give a better service. We aim at making it better year by year so that it can have all the comforts of everyday life.
Our hostel is not for people who look for a luxury place, it is for people who search for a room with necessary comfort, a clean place and good service. We take special care that people who stay with us respect the other clients, in order to obtain good harmony and trust between all.
The most notable aspect of our hotel is its good location in Barcelona: very close to the sea and very close to the centre, just near Gothic Quarter of la Ribera that is very trendy to eat tapas and to go out. It is also very close to the big Ciutadella Park and Estación de Francia.
Our customers usually complement the cleanliness and the fantastic location which are near all the interesting spots for a tourist.

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