Places of interest in Barcelona

Barcelona is known worldwide as a cultural city. It has a rich architectural and monumental works declared World Heritage by UNESCO.
Barcelona offers a wide range of places to enjoy your time libre.Por So if you want to find the latest trends in art, you can discover in Barcelona.
Barcelona has been a center of Modernist architecture is distinguished specially by the works of Antoni Gaudí, who together with his great contemporaries, has given the city a new and exciting to have placed on the cusp of modernism.

Barcelona has positioned itself in recent years as a shopping city, where you can walk admiring the shops and storefronts, one of the most characteristic activities of our guests.
Barcelona is a city where culture reigns everywhere, is full of museums, art galleries and people who come to Barcelona in search of cultural visits certainly be found because the county town offers many cultural options, including the most notable highlight these:

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